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CANONS AND DECREES OF THE COUNCIL OF TRENT. Translated and introduced by Rev. H. J. Schroeder, O.P. Of the 20 ecumenical councils of the Catholic Church, the Council of Trent (1545-1563), is universally regarded as the greatest - in the scope of its discussion, in the number of its pronouncements, and in the extent of its influence. Here in one volume is Father Schroeder's wonderful translation of all the canons and decrees of that Council. These infallible pronouncements shine in their clarity and simplicity, and are a certain statement on many important matters of Faith at a time when the Catholic world is racked by confusion and controversy. Destined to do a great good to enlighten many. A must for every student of the Faith and everyone who loves the Church. No Catholic library, whether home, parish or school, is complete without these teachings. 293pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $16.50 #0128 Sale $13.20

A CATECHISM OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE. Approved by the Bishops of England for Grades 5-8. 370 Qs. & Ans., plus common prayers. Formerly called The Penny Catechism. Guaranteed free from error. Excellent for basic class use or for supplemental work. 72pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $4.00 #0081 Sale $3.20

CATECHISM OF THE COUNCIL OF TRENT. Rev. John A. McHugh, O.P. and Chas J. Callan, O.P. This is the only officially promulgated catechism of the Catholic Church. Referred to as the Roman Catechism, it was composed by order of the Council of Trent under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Edited by St. Charles Borromeo. Published by decree of Pope St. Pius V. Prescribed by Pope St. Pius X to be used by all priests in instructing the faithful. Recommended by Pope Leo XIII for all seminarians. Universally recognized as the most authoritative Catholic catechism in the Church. Pope Clement XIII said it contains a clear explanation of all that is necessary for salvation and useful for the faithful, and that no other catechism can be compared to it. Covers the basic knowledge of the Faith by detailed explanations of the Ten Commandments, Sacraments, and each word of the Apostles Creed and the Our Father. Includes over 5 pages, for example, on just the word "Amen" at the end of the Our Father. Easy to read. Cardinal Ratzinger called this "the most important Catholic catechism" the most exact English translation available anywhere today. 639pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $27.50 #0807 Sale $22.00

A CATECHISM OF MODERNISM. Concise expose of the heresy. St. Pius X (1904-1914) called "the summation of all error." Modernism reigns triumphant in our times and is largely the cause of the confusion we witness in the Church today. A crucial book. 155pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $7.50 #0078 Sale $5.60

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH HAS THE ANSWER. Paul Whitcomb. This is the outstanding companion booklet to Confession of a Roman Catholic. Tells why Catholics believe in God, creation, the Trinity, that Jesus was the Son of God and that the Catholic Church is the one True Church. Covers questions on "corruption" in Middle Ages, Protestant "Reformation," "worldly" Popes, "bloody" Inquisitions, indulgences, infallibility, Peter as first Pope, Bible only, earning salvation, faith alone, good works, Mary "worship," repetitious prayers, Purgatory, confession to God only, sins, sacrifice of Mass wrong, "paid" Masses, Latin language, birth control, divorce and much more. 60pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $2.50 #1024 Sale $2.00

THE CATHOLIC CONTROVERSY. St. Francis de Sales. After being repeatedly rebuffed in his attempts to re-evangelize Calvinist Protestants who would not listen to Catholic preaching for fear of reprisals, St. Francis resorted to writing leaflets and inserting them into copies of his sermons, then posting them on walls, slipping them under doors and handing them to anyone he could. Four years later almost 72,000 had returned to the ancient Catholic Faith! These tracts have been gathered together and entitled The Catholic Controversy. The works are still as fresh and powerful today and give some of the most cogent arguments against Protestantism ever penned, presenting a defense of the Catholic Faith that in some respects has never been equalled. 413pp. PB. Reg. $16.50 #1077 Sale $13.20

THE CHURCH TEACHES. Jesuit Fathers. Documents from Church Councils, Canon Law, Sacred Scripture, Papal Encyclicals on all major tenets of the faith. Great! 400pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $16.50 #0531 Sale $13.20
DOGMATIC CANONS & DECREES of the Council of Trent, Vatican I, plus The Decree on the Immaculate Conception & Pope Pius IX's Syllabus of Errors. Clear definitions of the Church on faith, justification, Mass, Sacraments, Purgatory, indulgences, statues, etc. Indisputable. 264pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $11.00 #0197 Sale $8.80 /TD>

FREEMASONRY - Humanum Genus. Pope Leo XIII. Powerful encyclical letter warning the faithful against the evils and dangers of Freemasonry. Devastating condemnation! 32pp. Reg. $2.50 #0209 Sale $2.00

FREEMASONRY-Mankind's Hidden Enemy, With Current Official Catholic Statements. Bro. Charles Madden, O.F.M. Conv. A short, incisive examination of Freemasonry giving a brief, clear overview of the subject to convince today's Catholics that they may not join this cult-and why not! Quotes Leo XIII's famous encyclical Humanum Genus (1884); proves Freemasonry is a secret society, that even its own members do not know the exact objectives of, one where its members swear blind obedience to their leaders, even under pain of death. Shows Freemasonry is a religion of naturalism and aims at promoting naturalism and human reason over the influence of the Church upon society. Says Freemasonry actually denigrates God, Jesus Christ, monotheism, and religion, and works to nullify the effects of all religion - especially the Catholic religion - upon society and individuals. Discusses the Catholic confusion about Freemasonry dating from the 1960's and 1970's, showing that the Church has officially not changed her traditional stance against the cult, plus much, much more! 66pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $8.00 #1282 Sale $6.40
FUNDAMENTALS OF CATHOLIC DOGMA. Ludwig Ott. A 1955 edition. Recognized as the greatest summary of Catholic dogma ever put between two covers. Beautifully organized, completely indexed, easily used. A veritable encyclopedia. All sources given. The most important Catholic book of this type. 544pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $27.50 #0155 Sale $22.00

A LIGHT IN THE HEAVENS-The Great Encyclical Letters of Pope Leo XIII. Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903). St. Malachy of Armagh (in Ireland), on a trip to Rome around 1140 A.D., wrote a prophetic title for every Pope from his own time to the End of Time. His prophecy for Leo XIII was "A light in the heavens." And truly he was, as these great Encyclicals more than prove-shedding the light of the Faith on virtually all the major problems of the world that we still face. Though written approximately 100 years ago, they read as though written today. Modern man founders in a sea of problems, all of his own making. But like a huge beacon light, these great letters of Leo XIII show us the solutions. Here are all this great Pope's famous Encyclicals: On Freemasonry Holy Scripture Christian Marriage Anglican Orders The Condition of the Working Classes True and False Americanism Christian Democracy The Holy Spirit of Christian Constitution of States o Right Ordering of Christian Life Chief Duties of Christians as Citizens The Most Holy Eucharist Scholastic Philosophy Socialism-Communism-Nihilism On the Evils Affecting Modern Society, etc., etc. Rather than a group of disparate letters, these encyclicals read today like the various chapters from a single mighty book - a book as from a Doctor of the Church, commenting on all the evils and problems of modern times, and their solutions. These encyclicals are as germane today as when written-nay, more so! For we today are witnesses of the extremity of those errors which were only beginning to show themselves in Leo's time. He shows that the Faith is the answer, the Catholic Faith is the solution to man's problems: Having rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ, modern man as a society is cast back upon his own devices and they are woefully inadequate to answer his needs. Here is a book every adult Catholic should read and one that belongs in every Catholic home for the profound enlightenment of future generations of Catholic people! 580pp. PB. Imp. Reg. $24.00 #1276 Sale 19.20

THE LITTLE CATECHISM OF THE CURÉ OF ARS. St. John Vianney. This "jewel" from the hand of the much loved St. John Vianney is an inspiring presentation of the spiritual battle we all face to save our souls and is probably the simplest and most persuasive plea ever written encouraging us to renounce our sin and to lead a pure and holy life. Covers in 36 short chapters every basic aspect of our spiritual struggle and the means Jesus Christ has provided through His Church to overcome our spiritual problems. Presents a unique, profound and penetrating understanding of the pitfalls we all face in trying to save our souls - and the ease with which we can, if we will only cooperate with the great means which God has placed at our disposal. Contains many of St. John's memorable sayings such as, "I know two very certain ways of becoming poor: they are working on Sunday and taking other people's property." And "the Christian lives in the midst of crosses as the fish lives in the sea." A must for everyone! 139pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $8.00 #1061 Sale $6.40

REBUILDING A LOST FAITH. By an American agnostic, John L. Stoddard. A famous and fabulous apologetics book, written as the story of one man's 40-year search for Truth. How he went from Protestant seminary student to agnostic to Catholic (late in life). Answers intelligently all the basic arguments against the Faith. 300pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $16.50 #1117 Sale $13.20

THE SCIENCE OF HISTORICAL THEOLOGY. Msgr. John F. McCarthy. A unique book achieving several objectives: Gives a new concept of history and science and a clear definition of historical theology, plus buttresses traditional Catholic philosophy and theology. Exciting, brilliant philosophical and theological insights. For serious students. 195pp. PB. Reg. $18.50 #1152 Sale $14.80

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