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POPE ST. PIUS VII (1800-1823). By Prof. Robin Anderson. The French Revolution had wrought religious and civil havoc in France and the Italian states. Thousands of French priests had been killed or deported; other priests and bishops were forming a schismatic national Church; the previous Pope had been kidnapped and had died in exile. Catholics were losing the Faith and adopting an attitude of resistance to all authority. This was the beginning of the reign of Pope Pius VII (1800-1823)--one of the most difficult and confusing eras in Catholic history. At this time the military genius Napoleon Bonaparte was rising to power--a man of almost unbounded ambition. It was Pius VII's task to deal with this man, grateful for the strength he provided in a disintegrating world, yet careful to avoid getting swallowed up by his demands and ambitions. In addition to examining the drama between Pope and Emperor, Professor Anderson also goes into many other high points of that eventful period: the restoration of the Jesuits, the Catholic Emancipation in England and Ireland, St. Gaspar del Bufalo's conversion of the bandits infesting the hills of Rome, and much more, plus--on the negative side--the workings of Jansenism, Gallicanism, Josephism and Regalism--all various forms of Liberalism. This absorbing history will fascinate and inform anyone who wants to witness the Church's response to French Revolutionary forces and to understand Liberalism at work in its early days. Moreover, it gives an understanding of one of the most famous Popes in history, as well as an appreciation for Christ's protection of His Church through some of the most difficult times she has ever faced. For Pius VII outlived Napoleon and most of the Church's enemies--though unfortunately not Liberalism, which has perdured into our own time as a malignant growth in the bosom of society. 288 pages. #1753  Reg. $16.50  Sale $13.20   

THE SHROUD OF TURIN. By Fr. Vittorio Guerrera. The Shroud of Turin is a brief but convincing exposé of the main facts which coalesce to prove that the Shroud of Turin is in fact the "Winding Sheet" in which Our Lord was interred. Covered here are the evidence from pollen on the Shroud, the way the Shroud matches the head cloth (preserved in Spain), the coins on the eyes and their dates, the nature and number of the wounds on the body, the nature of the actual image on the Shroud, why it could not possibly be a painting, the positive and negative image, what seemingly caused the image, the linen material itself, the Shroud's known history, the dirt on the feet of the body, what caused the person to die, the proofs the subject was buried quickly, etc. All the known facts point to the Shroud's being the true "Winding Sheet of Our Lord"--despite the conclusions of the scientific study done on it in 1988 indicating that it dates from the Middle Ages. The author shows why this latter conclusion is skewed and why it flies in the face of overriding evidence of every other nature that the Shroud most likely is the linen cloth that was wrapped around Our Lord's sacred body when it was laid in the tomb. A fast-paced book that is easy to read, The Shroud of Turin is guaranteed to interest everyone and give convincing proof--despite the recent propaganda to the contrary--that the Shroud of Turin is the actual burial cloth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. #1759  Reg. $15.00   Sale $12.00    

THE 33 DOCTORS OF THE CHURCH. By Fr. Christopher Rengers, O.F.M. Cap. Here are 33 chapters about the greatest minds and greatest Saints the Catholic Church has ever produced. Written in a down-to-earth style, The 33 Doctors of the Church is a book that will be loved and appreciated by everyone. This monumental study could easily become 33 small books. But here it is in one compelling volume! This book was undertaken by the author, a Franciscan Priest, when St. Lawrence of Brindisi (c. 1559-1619), a Franciscan, was declared a Doctor of the Church in 1961. Each story is completely different and shows every Doctor as the great individual and teacher that he or she was. Filled with charming anecdotes and wonderful, memorable stories, the book also describes and gives selections from the major writings of all the Doctors and frames their lives in the times during which they lived, thus giving a wonderful panorama of Church history in the process. No one will be disappointed in this book, for many of these lives are so profoundly interesting that they are alone worth the price of the book. From St. Athanasius (297-373) to St. Therese The Little Flower (1873-1897), The 33 Doctors of the Church will edify and inspire everyone who reads it. #1751  Reg.$33.00  Sale $26.40  

THE GLORIES OF DIVINE GRACE. By Fr. Matthias J. Scheedben. The Glories of Divine Grace will undoubtedly become one of the two or three most influential Catholic books that you will ever read. For, as the subtitle indicates, it is "A Fervent Exhortation to All to Preserve and to Grow in Sanctifying Grace." Catholic catechisms all teach that with Baptism we become children of God and heirs of Heaven; that we receive thereby Sanctifying Grace and thus have a share in the life of God Himself. However, after learning this, most Catholics think little more about the nature of Sanctifying Grace, what it means and what it does for us. Far from being an abstract treatise, The Glories of Divine Grace is an impassioned appeal to us all to understand the nature of Sanctifying Grace, to preserve this incredible gift from God, and to grow in it each day for the rest of our lives. Written in a popular, direct style, this book explains how grace works, what are its effects, how to grow in grace, and the union with God that it allows us to achieve. At the same time, the book also enkindles in readers a profound realization about the importance and greatness of Sanctifying Grace and what it really means--or should mean--to us all. For Sanctifying Grace is nothing other than "the life of God Himself," which He shares with us and by which, in a certain sense, He raises us to His level. When we part from this world, we shall leave behind us everything we possess, save one: Sanctifying Grace (if we have preserved it!). The author's underlying theme, therefore, is simply this: It behooves us all to safeguard Sanctifying Grace in our souls at all times and to work consciously and daily at growing in it throughout our lives--that thereby our eternity in Heaven will be attained and we shall spend that eternity with God in a far greater degree of happiness than we might otherwise have had if we had not been aware of The Glories of Divine Grace. A famous classic. #1747  Reg. $18.00  Sale $14.40

THE LIFE OF ST. GEMMA GALGANI. Venerable Fr. Germanus, C.P.. St. Gemma Galgani (1878-1903) was a beautiful Italian laywoman who was born near Lucca, lived in obscurity, died at only 25, and yet has become known the world over and is fondly called "The Gem of Christ." Orphaned at seven, she had nonetheless been well schooled in spirituality by her holy mother, and from that early foundation in the Faith, she quickly rose to the highest stages of sanctity and is considered by authorities on spirituality to have advanced through all nine of the classic stages of growth in holiness--which the author briefly but beautifully describes.
     Written by her spiritual director shortly after her death, The Life of St. Gemma Galgani is the primary source of information about this holy girl-- of whom a great deal is known, because of her own writings and because her director wrote this present biography from first-hand knowledge about her. A mystic, stigmatist, visionary, ecstatic, victim soul, discerner of spirits, seer of hidden things, prophetess, spouse of Christ, zealot for souls, devotee of the Poor Souls in Purgatory, St. Gemma Galgani seemed to possess every hallmark of sanctity--and that to a marked degree.
     Frequently, the Blessed Mother or Our Lord would appear to her, and she saw and conversed almost continuously with her Guardian Angel. Her spiritual director was convinced she had never committed a mortal sin or even a purposeful venial sin. In fact, she was so sensitive to sin that she would sweat blood on hearing God blasphemed. Her heart during ecstasy would often palpitate so greatly that it would rock her bed or chair, though she herself remained tranquil in mien. Three of her ribs were "bent" at right angles because of the exuberance of her heart during these ecstasies. And at death her heart was discovered to be greatly enlarged.
     Containing much, much more than all the above, this book will give everyone confidence that he or she too can attain to high sanctity, even if living as a lay person in the world. Indeed, the reader will be profoundly impressed by this Life, because, in sum, it is hard to imagine a more perfect life or one more simply and completely consecrated to Christ than that of "The Virgin of Lucca," "The Gem of Christ," St. Gemma Galgani. #1748   Only $16.50    Sale $13.20

THE LIFE OF FATHER DE SMET. By Fr. E. Laveille, S.J. What a story! Fr. Pierre De Smet (1801-1873) is mentioned in U.S. history books almost as a footnote, but there was in the mid-19th century America no single person the American Indians trusted as they did this Jesuit Priest. He was "more powerful than an army" at a huge treaty conference of U.S. officials and the Western Indian nations near Laramie in 1851, and he was the chief negotiator at another, with the Sioux, in 1868. He was invited to the White House in 1867 to a conference with the Indians.
     As a young Belgian seminarian headed for the American Mission lands in 1823, he literally had to "escape" out of Europe to begin his apostolate, but in time--through his numerous letters to friends, which they published--he became the best-known missionary in the world, and even met Pope Gregory XVI in private audience, and many of the most famous people of his time.
     Eight times he returned to Europe to raise funds and beg supplies for the Indians. He travelled through the wilderness in summer and winter, by every means of conveyance and on foot, braving hardships and going without food for days. The anecdotes, adventures and "quotes from the Indians" make this a masterful, captivatingly told story. In 1842 a Flathead Indian chief spoke to him the following:

"Black Robe, welcome to our country. Long have we desired to see you and be enlightened by your words. Our fathers worshipped the earth and the sun. I remember distinctly the day we first heard of the one and only true God. Since then it is to Him we have addressed our prayers and supplications, and yet we are much to be pitied. We do not know the teachings of the Great Spirit, and we sit in darkness. But now I hope you have come to bring us light. I have finished. Speak, Black Robe! Every ear is open and eager to hear your words."

     This book is filled with many equally powerful passages. For the author, Fr. E. Laveille, S.J., quotes copiously from Fr. De Smet's letters, and he is a master storyteller with a masterful story to tell. A priest who went only where commanded, Fr. De Smet, by his own estimation, travelled 260,929 miles in his missionary journeys. Worn out from his labors, he spent his few waning years at the Jesuit Province of St. Louis.
     If anyone will begin this book, he will want to finish it. For it is filled with adventures, descriptions of the Indians, their needs, their faith, their paganism, their willingness to convert, their being corrupted by the white man, etc., etc. Here is a book that will surprise, inspire and edify the whole family--or anyone who reads it. #1748  Reg. $18.00   Sale $14.40

VISITS TO THE BLESSED SACRAMENT. By St. Alphonsus Liguori. After she died, St. Teresa of Avila appeared to one of her nuns and said: "There should be no difference, as far as purity and love are concerned, between the blessed in Heaven and the faithful on earth, though we are perfectly happy and you are suffering. What the Divine Essence is to us in Heaven, the Blessed Sacrament should be to you on earth." "Here, then," says St. Alphonsus, "is our heaven on earth--the Most Blessed Sacrament." This book was conceived and written to help us grow in the knowledge and love of God and in appreciation for what He has done for us. For each of the 31 days of the month, St. Alphonsus provides for us a "Visit to Our Lord"--which is a brief meditation on and a fervent prayer of love toward Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Each Visit to Our Lord is followed by a "Visit to Our Lady." The latter are short meditations on and prayers of great confidence in her powerful helpÑeven for the most wretched and forsaken of sinners. At each Visit, the reader is to make an "Act of Spiritual Communion," which will help enflame his heart with greater love. Through this little book, St. Alphonsus leads a person to appreciate Our Lord's great love for us in the Blessed Sacrament, to love Him in return, and to consecrate his life to Him. Visits to the Blessed Sacrament by St. Alphonsus Liguori is a perennial favorite among Catholic prayerbooks, as well as one of the most famous and best-loved Catholic books ever published. #1743 Reg. $5.00   Sale $4.00

SCRIPTURE ALONE? - 21 REASONS TO REJECT "SOLA SCRIPTURA". Joel Peters. Here are the classic reasons why the Protestant teaching of Sola Scriptura - "Scripture Alone" - is absolutely wrong, is unscriptural, man-made and prevents Protestants from ever having a firm doctrinal foundation. Shows:
   1.) Christ also gave us Tradition and the teaching authority of His Church;
   2.) The first Christians didn't even have a complete Bible;
   3.) Scripture states that it is unsufficient of itself;
   4.) The Bible calls the Church and not the Bible "the pillar & ground of the truth";
   5.) The Church produced the Bible and not vice versa;
   6.) The canon of the Bible was not even settled until the 4th century;
   7.) No original Bible manuscripts exist today;
   8.) Existing manuscripts contain thousands of variations;
   9.) There are hundreds of different Bible versions;
 10.) The Bible was not even in print until the 15th century;
 11.) The false belief in Sola Scriptura originated in the 16th century, producing nothing but division & disunity, arising from Luther's own emotional problems -
and much more! Absolutely great & greatly needed today! 72 pages. PB.  #1545  Reg. $2.00  Sale $1.60.

THE HOLY EUCHARIST: OUR ALL. Fr. Lukas Etlin. Develop an ever deepening love for Jesus truy present in the Blessed Sacrament. Explores many aspects of this, the greatest mystery of the Catholic Faith. The author considers the Most Blessed Eucharist as life, as food, as expiation, as salvation, as the treasury of grace & as divine Love. In the process, he calls all Catholics to a life centered upon Our Eucharistic Lord & asks us to visit Him often - definitely every day! Our Lord patiently waits in the Tabernacle for us to come to Him & to speak with Him about our needs. He assures us that regular prayer before the Tabernacle conquers sin - even the most ingrained habitual sin - & is a powerful protection against evil of every sort. Will help draw the reader nearer to Jesus. Great! 62 pages, PB. Imprimatur.  #1593  Reg. $2.00  Sale $1.60.

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